We are pleased to announce that we have successfully arranged a membership with Crofton Albion social club. Part of this arrangement means that London Legend’s players will have access to the social club’s facilities on weekends. 

Crofton Albion sports club is only 1 minute walk away from the home ground, so is easily accessible for parents on match days on training. This is a very exciting opportunity and we hope that all of our players take advantage of it. 

The following facilities will be available to all legend players:

  • Bar
  • Toilet and changing facilities 
  • Tea Bar with hot food and drinks

But the above all depends on COVID guidelines and the bar will not be opened until government guidelines allow it to do so. 

We hope that this brings some peace to anyone worried about the use of facilities once football starts. We are continuing to find ways to make our Legends happy – we hope you see our vision too!

We are also working to bring facilities on Weigall Road Sports Ground and are currently discussing with the council to make this happen.

The new facilities can be found below. 

London Legends Home Ground

London Legends access to Crofton Albion Sports Ground