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September 28, 2023 | London Legends FC

London Legends FC plays a significant role in promoting the physical, social, and emotional development of young athletes who have the ability to identify and make informed choices, think about consequences and base their actions on that information. As London Legends FC family members you are representatives of the club and should conduct yourselves in a respectful manner at all times.

Furthermore, as parents/carers in youth sports events we should be models of good sportsmanship and should lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect, and self-control. London Legends FC is committed to instituting a fun professional environment that is safe and nurtures learning opportunities for all our players and your role in achieving this is pivotal.

London Legends FC has formulated this Code of Conduct and requires that all spectators, parents, carers or guardians involved commits to be responsible for your words and actions while attending or participating in any of London Legends FC events and that you conform your behaviour to the following Code of Conduct:

1. I will treat everyone whom I encounter with respect and dignity.

2. We will use positive reinforcement to encourage and praise hard work and motivate our players.

3. I will be mindful of my tone and language towards the children who are in attendance at all times. Aggressive, inappropriate or foul language will not be tolerated.

4. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct towards coaches, players, parents, officials or any other attendee.

5. I will not engage in any behaviour, which would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of any coach, parent, player, participant, official, or any other attendee.

6. I will not use drugs, or alcohol products while involved in any youth soccer activities, whether training, attending games, or officiating.

7. I will not use profanity, obscenity or any other offensive language.

8. I will endeavour to ensure that no other parents, spectators, guardians or anyone associated with my team use profanity, obscenity or any other offensive language while within the hearing of players or officials.

9. I will not engage in verbal or physical abuse towards any coach, player, parent, participant, or official.

10. You will notify us of absences in a timely manner.

11. I will respect my teams’ coach and will not confuse training or match days with contradictory coaching from the side lines. I will trust London Legends FC’s coaches to progress my child’s football education and development.

12. I will ensure that my child arrives to training and matches on time with correct footwear, water and shin pads.

13. I will report any behaviour I am concerned about to a senior member of staff or our safeguarding officer (Name) in a timely manner.


Failure to conform to the preceding Code of Conduct while attending or participating in an event sanctioned by London Legends FC will be subject to disciplinary action and/or any of the following.

Issued with a verbal warning or asked to leave.

Required to meet with our clubs welfare officer.

Requested not to attend future games or training. Required to leave London Legends FC along with any dependents.

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